The Gift of a Sister

The gift of a sister / Celine + Elaina ✨

I met Celine through a dear friend and have since had many occasions to get to know her. She is strong, both physically and mentally. She is competitive, disciplined, and goal oriented. She vibrant, encouraging, motivating, and a jet fueled force of genuine positivity. She listens, she delivers, and she will win your heart with ease and you won’t forget her.

Celine asked to set up a portrait session for her younger, 14 year old sister, Elaina, while she was visiting from Kentucky. She wanted to capture Elaina’s beauty at her current age before returning to school from summer break. When I met Elaina, she shyly stood in front of me at 5’7 with thick, straight hair reaching past her belt loops and long legs to match. Although quiet, Elaina wasn’t nervous. She was just observant and kept a listening ear for instructions and preparation of her shoot. I couldn’t believe she was just 14. We began selecting Elaina’s outfits from the shopping spree Celine took her on during her stay. Not too long after, I noticed the same qualities within her that Celine carries. It was clear this family was raised with great strengths. She was nothing short of level headed and grounded. She was direct, open minded, and incredibly calm.

I loved seeing the connection and similarities between these two sisters even though their distance on the map. Elaina is incredibly lucky to have Celine as a role model and wow, how lucky Celine is to be one. To me, their age difference is possibly one of the most beautiful opportunities God has given them. I can’t wait to watch what is ahead for both sisters at such different points in their lives. I hope I have the opportunity to continue to document their growths, celebrations, and milestones as they continue to reach life’s goals and all of the joy it brings them.